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Garlando Milan
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Technical Chart 
Model Milan G-500 Foosball
Length 143 cm.
Width 76 cm.
Height 88 cm.
Playing Field 120 x 70 cm.
Weight 76 Kg.
Packing 145 x 79 x 31 cm.
Garlando "Milan Italian Soccer League" Limited Edition Foosball Table! New from Garlando, a great table with great looks.

Style, quality and safety are the distinctive features of this striking-looking, completely innovative soccer table. Its original design, attention to detail and fun look put this table in a league apart. With this professional table, state-of-the-art Italian styling is combined with robust, strong construction. Made of high quality materials and components, maintenance free, it will last a lifetime.

Nylon bushes with ball bearings, which ensure high speed action and reduce player’s fatigue. All the surfaces of G-500's are coated in washable materials, which ensure the possibility of a perfect cleaning, even of the playfield. No other maintenance is necessary.

• 12" deep cabinet
• 1" thick walls
• 4" x 4" powder coated steel legs
• Single man goalie configuration
• Cold drawn steel chrome plated telescoping rods
• Guaranteed Unbreakable Men Moulded to the Rod!
• Exciting team color & graphic options!
Exclusive Canadian Garlando Distributor!
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