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Garlando Deluxe
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Technical Chart 
Model Deluxe Foosball / Red-White-Blue
Type Commercial Coin-Operated
Length 156 cm.
Width 76 cm.
Height 90.5 cm.
Playing Field 120 x 70.5 cm.
Weight 98 Kg.
Packing 158 x 80 x 41 cm.
* Available only in used or refurbished condition
An excellent commercial quality foosball table with the full range of accessories and unique features, the "Deluxe Foosball" comes in "Competition" colours with three bands in red, white and blue.

The cabinet is made with high quality plastic laminate plywood (thickness 30-36 mm) with hardwood slanting feet - coated in washable paint - for better stability. Cold drawn steel (25 NC 6) rods (diameter 16 x 2.3 mm) with high stress resistance (R = 100 Kg x mm2) and 15 micron thickness chromium plating.

Playfield in choice of 5 mm tempered glass or plastic laminate mounted on a chipboard base. Detachable from upper cabinet by means of two locks to enable lowering for internal cleaning and inspection. Wooden inserts in plastic handles reduce perspiration and improve grip. Theft proof, easy-to-clean ashtrays secured by retractable metal cables. Standard mechanical coin mechanism set for any kind of coin or token.

• Telescopic Rods Won't Shoot Through to the Other Side
• One-colour (red-blue) standard players moulded to the bars
• Nylon Encased Ball-Bearing Bushings for smoother play
• Holders for glasses, bottles or cans at each end.
• High-Speed Action
• Guaranteed Unbreakable Men Moulded to the Rod!
Exclusive Canadian Garlando Distributor!
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