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Garlando Master Champion
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Garlando Master Champion
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Technical Chart 
Model Master Champion Foosball
Length 150 cm.
Width 77 cm.
Height 89 cm.
Playing Field 120 x 70 cm.
Weight 80 Kg.
Packing 152 x 82 x 40 cm.

Master Champion at all levels, for training and official competitions !

This freeplay version of the World Champion includes the same excellent features as the coin operated model and is the official ITSF model for international competitions [International, Master Series and Pro Tour].

Used by the professional players in tournaments worldwide, it boasts competition score counters and leg levellers, rubbers on the bars and a distancer to keep the goalkeeper within the goal range, among many other features.

A freeplay model, and equally, a real competition table, the Master Champion is a truly innovative product compared to traditional home tables. It is the ideal training tool prior to playing international tournaments.

Black cabinet constructed from high quality 30mm (1+1/4’) thick multi-layer plywood coated with plastic laminate and aluminium border
Steel roller bearings inside the bearings fixing bars to the cabinet greatly improve game speed and reduce players' wrist stress
9 x 9cm (4’ x 4’) square steel legs coated with antiscratch silver powder-varnish
Leg levellers for a perfectly flat playing field
High resistance, machine-true hollow steel bars (diameter 16mm), with increased thickness (3mm instead of 2.2mm, allowing 50 % more torsion resistance). Bars are treated with anti-rust chromium plating
One-colour (red-blue) standard players in plastic material (moplen) moulded to the bars
Available with fully rotating goalkeeper (360°)
Handles in a new plastic material to prevent any slipping on the rods, wood inserts reduce perspiration and improve the grip
Playing field of non-reflective sanded tempered glass 5mm thick
Colour coordinated abacus scorers
3 yellow Speed Play balls supplied.
Exclusive Canadian Garlando Distributor!
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