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Garlando G-200
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Technical Chart 
Model G-200 Foosball - Butcher Block
Length 145 cm.
Width 74 cm. [110 cm. bars mounted]
Height 88 cm.
Playing Field 120 x 70 cm.
Weight 62 Kg.
Packing 135 x 80 x 34 cm.
The latest Garlando soccer table is really meant for the whole family. The quality and toughness of its long lasting components makes G-200 suitable for adults and rough uses.

Cabinet in medium density fiberboard-thickness 20 mm. (3/4") covered with butcher's block melamine. 9x9 cm. (4"x4") metal legs covered with washable powder-varnish. Cold drawn steel (25 NC 6) solid rods (diameter 16x2,3 mm.) with high stress resistance and 15 micron thickness chromium plating.

Playfield of plastic laminate, slightly slanting towards each goal, to prevent the ball from stopping out of rods reach. Nylon bushes with steel ball bearings for high speed action, smoother play and reduced wear and tear.
All surfaces coated in washable materials to enable easy cleaning.

• Telescopic rods for greater safety
• Blue/red moplen players moulded to the bars
Ball chute behind each goal mouth allows easy ball retrieval
• Plastic score counter with blue/red cubes

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