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Garlando G-2
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Technical Chart 
Model Foos G-2 Foosball
Length 148 cm.
Width 76 cm.
Height 85 cm.
Playing Field 120 x 70 cm.
Weight 80 Kg.
Packing 160 x 77 x 26.5 cm.
Garlando Foos-G-2 Foosball Soccer Table featuring the traditional one-man goalie rod! ... A great table for frequent home use. Perfect for Beginner to intermediate level players!

Telescopic rods, safer, less room required. Nylon bushings with ball bearing inserts for high speed action on a laminated playfield.

This table features 14" deep cabinet, 4" X 4" solid wood legs, and nylon bushes with ball bearing inserts.

• Finished in a burled wood grain
• 4" square steel legs with non-skid, rubber-capped feet
• Sandblasted tempered glass bed in a 14" deep cabinet
• Telescopic Rods Won't Shoot Through to the Other Side
• Nylon Encased Ball-Bearing Bushings
• High-Speed Action
• Guaranteed Unbreakable Men Moulded to the Rod!
• Top-Grade, High-Pressure Mica Laminate
• Scorers on end rails

Exclusive Canadian Garlando Distributor!
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