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Cricket Master 110 Cricket  Pro 650
Cricket Master 110
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Technical Chart 
Model Cricket Master 110
Target Area 13.5 inches
Display 8 Player Score
Games 24 Games + 132 Options including 5 Cricket
The NEW Arachnid Cricket Master 110 electronic dartboard provides over 24 games plus multiple features designed to add convenience and excitement to any game with highly visible LED's display each players' marks and scores at all times, making it easy to track the competitor's position and plan the next strategic throw.
• LED Display of Player Game Scores and Cricket Displays
• Spider Features Trademarked Tournament Colors
• Micro Thin Segment Dividers Reduce Bounce-outs
• Play on + ranking feature / Sleep mode and reset feature
• Single In/Out, Double In/Out Features
• Voice Prompt for Player to Throw
• Solo Play Feature + Player Handicap Feature
• One Year Manufacturer Warranty Against Defects

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• 6 Soft-Tip Darts & Extra tips
• Mounting Hardware + AC Adapter
• Game Instructions and Operating Manual
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