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Cape Town Billiard Table
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Presidential Billiards Tables
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Technical Chart 
Model Cape Town Billiard Table
Slate One-inch certified professional grade
Size 8' (feet)

"The Best of Modern Technology and Old World Hand Craftsmanship”; The durable, old-fashioned quality inherent in the construction specifications is what makes 'Presidential Billiards' tables different.

Presidential Billiard tables have unique design features and unparalleled craftsmanship, manufactured by craftsmen using highly advanced computerized woodworking equipment in state-of-the-art facilities. High quality materials and superior construction methods ensure longevity and the utmost in playability under the most demanding conditions.


The tables are primarily made from exotic African hardwoods. All timbers are harvested under the strictest conservation guidelines from established hardwood plantations or designated forests. Presidential Billiards does not cut virgin forests or harvest in any endangered habitat areas.

Cushion Rubbers
Superior quality BCA approved K-66 profile cushion rubbers are used on all tables; Modern machinery precisely controls cushion rubbers placement to the rail resulting in uniform nose height and consistent angle.

Rail Bolts
High performance T-nut is used to attach the cushion rails to the slate providing the strength and rigidity for proper playability.

Metal to Metal Construction
All bolts go directly into threaded metal inserts. The cabinet is joined together with sturdy metal brackets. This “bolt together” construction allows for disassembly or reassembly of the cabinet with no loss of structural integrity.

Stains and Lacquers

Product is hand stained and finished to enhance the beauty of the woods.  Between each stain application the product is hand sanded using ultra fine grit sanding pads. The final stage is a minimum of three applications of catalyzed lacquer resulting in a beautiful durable finish. All stains and lacquers meet or exceed all international environmental standards.

Inspired and created to reflect the timeless appeal of classic furniture styles, these unique billiard tables complement today's home furnishings. Delve deeper and discover the strength beneath the beauty that will exceed the expectations of billiard players and homeowners everywhere. 'Presidential Billiards' tables are built for performance and longevity.

Lifetime Warranty
Presidential Billiards warrants each billiard table (excluding cloth and pockets) against defect in material or workmanship (excluding normal wear and tear) for the life of the table with the original purchaser. Presidential Billiards will repair or replace, at its sole option, any or all parts proved to be defective.
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